save a life

save a life


A few days ago, as I was browsing through Facebook I found out from the news that there’s this young-pretty 15-year-old girl who committed a suicide. She hanged herself to death.

I didn’t know the girl so I googled her and I found out that she was a teen-star who came from a well-known family. It doesn’t seem to make sense.

Why a 15-year-old teenager  who seem to have the best of everything in life would hang herself to death?

This isn’t my first time to hear such tragic news. And it got me into grief and a period of reflection as to why this is happening. I want answers, no, I needed answers. This situation has been so rampant that it has turned into an epidemic.

This is not normal. This can’t be normal.

When I was 15 all I think about was all the food that I wanted to eat, movies I wanted to watch and my friends. I imagined myself playing with fairies. Riding a unicorn. Swimming with the mermaids. Flying to the moon. Okay, I’m kidding. When I was 15 all I think about was – BACON.

But seriously, my childhood wasn’t perfect. I had a fair share of despair and failures.  My teenager days were full of ups and downs but I never thought of killing myself.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines SUICIDE as the act of killing yourself because you do not want to continue living. I think it may represent a genuine desire to die but it also represent as often as it is as a child’s desperation for help. Maybe they feel so overwhelmed about everything wrong in their life and they feel hopeless that things can’t get any better.

I could go on and on about this suicidal thing and expect things to get better. But it will not because in the next 24 hours 1,439 teens will attempt suicide. I don’t want to live on WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Maybe it’s time to really be the change that we expect to see in the world.

dbfb2a4381365e745a1fa5f30dc4adc8So the next time you ask, “HOW ARE YOU” and the next time you hear, “FINE”.

Just know that FINE can mean:  Broken. Alone. Confused. Rejected. Clueless. Betrayed. Fragile. Lonely. About to give up. About to break down. Empty. Defeated. Never good enough.

I think it’s tragic to know a person, to look them in the eye and never really see them. Never really see their pain. We can’t bring them back to life but the least that we can do is to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

One of my favourite song says;

And I’ve been told

To pick up my sword and fight for love

Little did I know that Love had won for me.

This is what separates us from what the world says – it is the LOVE that had won for us 2000 years ago at the CROSS. It is the LOVE that says you are valuable. A love that says you are crafted with beauty and purpose. A love that says there is no one like you. A love that says you don’t need to look like the rest, or talk like the rest or be like the rest. A love that says there is no truth in the lie that you don’t matter. A love that says you were not an accident and you are not a mistake.

Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I LOVE YOU, I give men in return for you, people in exchange for your life. Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you (Isaiah 43:4-5)

I wonder if more kids were raised to know this about themselves. Teen suicide won’t go away on its own. It’s a battle to be fought with love and intention. We need to step up as a generation and open our arms to people in need. Most of the time we think they wanted to die but in reality they just wanted to be saved. They just simply wanted to be LOVED.

Nobody cares until it’s too late. Julia was a beautiful young girl who took her life the other day because she just couldn’t hold on anymore. She did try to reach out but no one helped her. Somebody could have done something – so I’m asking everyone – let’s be that somebody to someone.

In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.(1 John 4:10)

Our generation could be different. Our generation could set a standard — a generation rising up to take their place. At the end of the day, the God who created us, died for us, is the only one who could tell us who we are and what’s our worth.

Much love,




It was a Saturday. We were up by 3:00am and we started to hit the road. By ‘we’ I mean just Hayron and I. We were driving a pick-up truck in the middle of nowhere at wee hours in the morning. Wow.

And then this annoying thought popped into my head, “Again? What are you doing? Why do it?”

At some point I think I just had enough of people asking why I do what I do that I began to question myself too.

And I normally would answer with, “Because I like it. It is fun and it is there.” An annoying look often follows and an awkward silence so loud enough that I hear it.

But when I try to give an honest answer it doesn’t comes out right, and even when it does they don’t understand. Then it gets frustrating. The longer I rant the more it freaked them out.

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Some do it for the exercise. Not me. I probably weigh a few pounds more compared to my friends. Some do it for the adrenaline. Absolutely, it is fun most of the time. Still, I am not an “adrenaline junkie”. I don’t even drink energy drinks to say the least. Some do it because their friends are doing it. Not me. We wouldn’t be out in the middle of the woods on a Saturday morning by ourselves just because of peer pressure. No. Not gonna happen.

We arrived at the jump-off point at around 6:30am and by 7 we set on hiking. Two girls wandering through the woods. Isn’t it cool? It is not. Trust me.

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The process of arriving at the summit is what kept me at it, at first. Because every time while we are in the middle of doing it we just want to quit. Believe me.

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But why I do it?

I do it to lose myself in something bigger. Something beyond the four-wall classroom can offer. Being lost into something bigger beyond this modern society where social media has defined our quality of living is a great reprieve.

DCIM101GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I see these spectacular fingerprints of the world and I want to be part of it. I want to be in it. Like having to found this tree in the middle of the woods and walked up it because why not?

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But in all of this there is a certain risk involved. Because trust me, the further I move into them; the more I lose my sense of self. The sense of danger gets so strong. I am but one little delicate human being. A tree can fall off and crush me or some wild animal can eat me alive. And this is the part where I have learned to embrace fear.

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To know what life is worth you have to take risk once in a while. Give it a try. My wanderings take me to places where I am not “supposed” to be, and “have never thought” I will be in the first place. Sitting so close to the edge without going over. And what my eyes saw from there could never amount to a word.

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And I wish the world could see what I could see. The world is such a beautiful place. Sometimes you have to go up really high to see how tiny places we occupy in the world. Sometimes you just have to risk it all to see how capable you really are. Sometimes you have to endure a little longer to see how far you can go.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIf you are young, probably on your twenties, or even you think you are way past your age I dare you to take time and unplug from to time to time. To have less and do more. To fully live. And by living, I meant not having to check your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter every second of every day.

So. why I do it?

Why not?

What about you? What are the things that make you feel alive? Why do you do what you do? I want to know. Hit me up. That’d be cool! Cheers!!!

Much love,





Because no Facebook status or Instagram post could ever sum up how much I love you and value your friendship today and forever. Happy happy birthday!


Oh my gosh, I still can’t believe that you are turning a year older today. Please don’t hate me because I’m younger. Haha. Many things have changed over the past years that had me realizing how blessed I am to have someone like you. I almost feel guilty that not everyone gets to experience the relationship that we have.DCIM105GOPRO

So how do I say a happy birthday to one of the best person I know. I will admit that I suck in person and even on the phone in expressing my feelings and being all mushy. And that got me thinking about our friendship and all the things I have to thank you for, all the things I never say often enough, all the things I owe to you.


Thank you for being YOU.


You had not just been my best travel buddy but you had become more than that. I hope you know how much I care and love you.


Thank you for your unfailing enthusiasm and involvement in all my passion, pursuits and dreams. Though we have different taste in choosing these or that, you’re the it-girl fashionista and I’m the one struggling with high heels. Still, we are the same when it comes to many things.


I love how you had continuously giving me your precious time.


I love how crazy you are to the point that most of our Viber convos consist of your epic Dubsmash videos that really got me on the floor laughing so hard I’d thought I will die.


I love that we have so many “remember when” moments.


But most of all, I really love how we are together. The things we have done, the places we have seen, the mountains we have survived, and everything in between. I am so proud of doing that along with you.


Thank you for being willing to drive around at 3AM just for a day of adventure so you can go to work at 11PM.


Thank you for never putting down the things that I love.


Thank you for sitting in silence with me halfway and at the end of our every journey.


Thank you for being one of the best people I’ve ever known. I try to imagine what it would be like if I had been to these places alone, though I am certain I would have an equally amazing time; it just wouldn’t have been the same.


So again, thank you for being YOU.

You are incredibly beautiful, funny, endearing, and strong – and I will always be here to remind you just in case you can’t see it yourself.

Happy happy birthday!

Much love,




When you think about your finances what comes to your mind? Is it how much you have or how much you lack or how much you owe? 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Your needs, your wants or your desires?

I wonder if this idea comes to our mind, “How much more can I give?”

As a student, I know we are limited with the allowance that we get from our parents. We don’t have the money to buy anything that we want – just yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t give. Everybody has something to give. It always boils down to our priority.

One of the major adjustments I have made for myself this year was to clearly set my priorities when it comes to my finances. I knew I wanted to give more so  I made this “giving fund”.

Then I give and I give. Everytime there’s an opportunity to give, I give. And most of the time people wonder why do I spend my money giving it away to people. Treating people to lunch, or blessing someone with a new pair of shoes, helping my classmates for their tuition money, and I could go on.  But little did they know that  I don’t really have that much. I just have enough for myself. It’s about priorities.

So here’s one funny story that I hope you get to learn from.

Last month,  I gave beyond my giving fund. Supporting students for Ignite 2015,  helping my friend for her tuition money and so to make the story short I got broke. Literally. Flat broke.

Then came the finals week. I’m a graduating student so I have a lot of school fees to pay on top of my tuition fee. Grad fees and other I-don’t-know-they-exist fees. So I have it all covered up. Just enough.

But then one morning I received a text from my friend — asking me if I can lend her money so she can enroll and go back to school.  I didn’t think twice and I said yes.

I think I totally forgot that I just have enough for myself. But since I’m graduating by April, I thought that maybe it’s possible to graduate with unpaid balance and that I will still have until May to settle it so i can get my records and diploma. So I risked giving my last money to my friend.

It wasn’t always easy to give. Most of the time it hurts your wallet. You hit rock-bottom.

The morning I was about to meet my friend — I prayed first. I told God that I’m going to give my money away and that I don’t know how will I be able to pay for my own tuition.

I checked my balance that morning and  I found out some discrepancy in my account. I thought that they freeze my account because of my unpaid balance. I knew something was wrong because it was only reflecting 10% of my previous balance.

I went to school to report what happened to my account but then they told me to see the finance head instead. I was freaking out. I thought maybe I did something or that I will not be able to graduate because of my unpaid balance and it has pass its due date.

So I talked to the finance head and she asked me if I have notice something in my account. I told her that there was a discrepancy in my account and that 90% of my tuition was deducted from it. Then she told me there was nothing wrong with my account and I just have to pay what was left — the 10%. They told me that my tuition has been paid already and they handed me a cash voucher. She told me I was one of the students who were granted a special gift for graduation. I wasn’t able to respond. I’m at loss for words.

So that day I gave away my tuition money and I ended up getting a lot more than what I have given the past months. I was debt free and I was able to help my friend. And still has a lot left to give.

And this is the part where I learned that really — I CAN NEVER OUT-GIVE GOD.

God is an awesome generous God. Test Him. Give Him the privilege of showing what He will do.

I dare you to try — and see what He does.

Much love,

Angel xx

Rediscover Joy

Rediscover Joy

IMG_5355It wasn’t long ago when my definition of joy was somehow relative to all things material. That happiness is having the latest iPad or iPhone or how much you make, how fancy your car is, how big your house and all things fancy.

Where you get your iPhones, take selfies, post it on Instagram, and update your Facebook and feel good about life. Wow. What a life.

Then you turned 19. And everybody suddenly expect you to act like your age and this is the part where you find out you’re just as clueless as everybody is. But then you hunger for learning, you thirst for the unknown.

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And you hit the road. You leave home.


Unfamiliar places. Strangers. You get to taste a different side of the world. This great sense of childlike wonder and suddenly you’re like nine again. Your existence becomes a series of maybes and what ifs.


But this time you’re enjoying yourself. You sleep on a bus station. You eat anything and anywhere. You laugh with people you don’t know. You converse with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours. You become friends with people regardless of their social class and age.

IMG_4939 (2)

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You grow.

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And you rediscover that this is joy in its purest form.



The joy that jelly ace brings and their genuine smile. And you’ll find out that for some people, their day consist of walking for about 5-10 miles to get food and buckets of water.

The joy of discovering how capable you really are.



The joy that the sea of clouds bring.

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That joy of playing in the snow.


And I could go on and on and still never run out of things to say.

I swear there are divine things more beautiful the words can tell but you have to stop and look. So I beg young people to rediscover their own sense of joy. Have your mind blown and come back and see things differently.

Much love,

Angel, xx

Welcome to myrandomfeet!

Welcome to myrandomfeet!

Hi. I’m Angel. A 20 something from Manila.

Saved by Grace.

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Born at a very young age.

A caffeine dependent-life form.

My hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Probably the best bacon eater in the world. (How can you not love bacon!? Tell me.)

I was bitten by a travel bug few years back and the rest was history. I’m a self-proclaimed traveler.

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I prefer a nomadic life, seeking adventures off the beaten path, from hiking mountains, parasailing, caving, chasing waterfalls, rock climbing, sleeping on a bus station and anything random.

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There is just something about seeing the world – its rare beauty – and i want to take a good look at it.

I dream of quitting my career one day, selling off all my possessions and truly be a super tramp. Hitchhiking my way to Machu Pichu, or couch surfing my way to the Himalayas, or finding myself playing with the kids of Uganda. But before I do that, let’s take one step at a time and keep going.

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Myrandomfeet is a real-life account of my life, the home of all my travels as I journey to seeing the world one place at a time, and everything in between. From some made up stories, to my daily random ramblings and rants.

I probably like you.

So let’s be friends. Can we?

Come join me.

Instagram: @myrandomfeet

 Angel, xx