When you think about your finances what comes to your mind? Is it how much you have or how much you lack or how much you owe? 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Your needs, your wants or your desires?

I wonder if this idea comes to our mind, “How much more can I give?”

As a student, I know we are limited with the allowance that we get from our parents. We don’t have the money to buy anything that we want – just yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t give. Everybody has something to give. It always boils down to our priority.

One of the major adjustments I have made for myself this year was to clearly set my priorities when it comes to my finances. I knew I wanted to give more so  I made this “giving fund”.

Then I give and I give. Everytime there’s an opportunity to give, I give. And most of the time people wonder why do I spend my money giving it away to people. Treating people to lunch, or blessing someone with a new pair of shoes, helping my classmates for their tuition money, and I could go on.  But little did they know that  I don’t really have that much. I just have enough for myself. It’s about priorities.

So here’s one funny story that I hope you get to learn from.

Last month,  I gave beyond my giving fund. Supporting students for Ignite 2015,  helping my friend for her tuition money and so to make the story short I got broke. Literally. Flat broke.

Then came the finals week. I’m a graduating student so I have a lot of school fees to pay on top of my tuition fee. Grad fees and other I-don’t-know-they-exist fees. So I have it all covered up. Just enough.

But then one morning I received a text from my friend — asking me if I can lend her money so she can enroll and go back to school.  I didn’t think twice and I said yes.

I think I totally forgot that I just have enough for myself. But since I’m graduating by April, I thought that maybe it’s possible to graduate with unpaid balance and that I will still have until May to settle it so i can get my records and diploma. So I risked giving my last money to my friend.

It wasn’t always easy to give. Most of the time it hurts your wallet. You hit rock-bottom.

The morning I was about to meet my friend — I prayed first. I told God that I’m going to give my money away and that I don’t know how will I be able to pay for my own tuition.

I checked my balance that morning and  I found out some discrepancy in my account. I thought that they freeze my account because of my unpaid balance. I knew something was wrong because it was only reflecting 10% of my previous balance.

I went to school to report what happened to my account but then they told me to see the finance head instead. I was freaking out. I thought maybe I did something or that I will not be able to graduate because of my unpaid balance and it has pass its due date.

So I talked to the finance head and she asked me if I have notice something in my account. I told her that there was a discrepancy in my account and that 90% of my tuition was deducted from it. Then she told me there was nothing wrong with my account and I just have to pay what was left — the 10%. They told me that my tuition has been paid already and they handed me a cash voucher. She told me I was one of the students who were granted a special gift for graduation. I wasn’t able to respond. I’m at loss for words.

So that day I gave away my tuition money and I ended up getting a lot more than what I have given the past months. I was debt free and I was able to help my friend. And still has a lot left to give.

And this is the part where I learned that really — I CAN NEVER OUT-GIVE GOD.

God is an awesome generous God. Test Him. Give Him the privilege of showing what He will do.

I dare you to try — and see what He does.

Much love,

Angel xx